Mowing the yards

Mowing usually takes 2 days to complete. The first day is taken up with mowing the front and side yards…. the perimeter. The second day is taken up with the Dog Yard and cleaning up the edges.

Watch out for fire ant hills and crawdad cones. If there are rows of grass clippings then out comes the yard sweeper, with the material taken to the compost pile or the compost tumbler.

The Dog Yard has an orderly procedure; the dogs supervise my picking the toys up and getting them out of the grass area, then the dogs go in the garage or the dog house so that they do not escape or get tangled up in the mower, the gate and the secondary fence are opened to allow access with the mower, the yard is mowed, the clippings are swept and piled near the garden area, the short fence is placed around the clippings (so the dogs do not spread them around), the mower is taken out of the yard, the secondary fence and the gate are closed, then the dogs are let out so that they can inspect the work.